Asus PB328Q Monitor Review

Asus monitor

Asus PB328Q Overview


The quality of the monitor can make or break anyone’s work getting done with a computer. If the display’s picture and resolution are lousy, it can be a hassle to any work. One of the displays that brings fantastic image and various features is from Asus.


The Asus 32-inch AMVA QHD PB328Q monitor is substantial when it comes to weight and size. It has everything any consumer would want in a computer screen. Its low price makes it available for many – for users who are looking for good value, speed for games, accurate color and great image.




  • AMVA or W-LED panel and edge array backlight
  • 32-inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 2560×1440 at 75Hz max resolution and refresh
  • 10-bit native color depth and sRGB gamut
  • 4ms response time
  • 300cd per square meter of brightness
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • 2 small stereo speakers
  • 6-inch thick panel
  • 35-inch width
  • 26-pound weight




Reviewers tested the Asus PB328Q and the monitor gave much positive impression. Though not designed as a professional display, it performs great. It is not aimed at the gamers but the 75Hz refresh rate is a real deal. The 10-bit color depth was utilized through Windows with GeForce GTX Titan X card.




The Asus PB328Q display comes with good specs and performance with a price tag of less than $600, a big reduction for 32-inch sized screens. Jumbo panels generally are high-priced. Screen sizes have inched from 15 to 19, 22, 24 then 27, which is a sweet spot. The 32-inch demands lots of desk space but gives substantial benefits.




The Asus monitor comes with a narrow-bezel design. When turned off, its 9mm metal strip surrounding the edge can barely be seen. Its anti-glare layers are akin to those of most displays, checking on harsh reflections without adding other artifacts. Image depth and clarity are exceptional while its stand supports the heavy panel with the swivel, height adjustments, tilt and a portrait mode.


Asus keeps the bezel thin by placing the control buttons around the back. The display also has a handy joystick, and is easy to master that users will eventually need keys. It has no curves but flat surfaces with well-defined edges. It looks slimmer and sports an angular styling. There is a lot of ventilation at the back. The rubber that surrounds the drivers is for extra excursion and volume.


Cons, pros and conclusion


It is difficult to find cons in the Asus monitor but it has a lot in the pros department, such as screen uniformity, color accuracy, responsive panel and more. Not many displays are as good as the Asus PB328 with a low price tag.


The Asus monitor is ideal for those who are graphics-heavy. It may not render the color gamut of an Adobe RGB but it offers a native depth of 10-bit color. This 32-inch screen breaks through the 60Hz refresh rate that would please the gamers. The 75Hz has the support without the need of overclocking and the stability is just solid all day with low input lag and fast panel response. One more thing, the 144Hz Asus PB328Q screen seldom has an equal.

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