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Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020

Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020

Looking for a good antivirus to protect your devices and don’t know what to choose? There are so many security products on the market that making a final decision can be incredibly difficult. We are here to help. Today, we want to introduce something very special in this antivirus game — Bullguard Premium Protection. In this Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020, we are going to find out how this antivirus works, and describe its strengths and weaknesses in detail. Is Bullguard Premium Protection good for your computer? Is it worth spending your money?

Bullguard Premium Protection: key features

Bullguard Premium Protection is a well-known security product, and we have been impressed by its features over the years. This antivirus has built its reputation as one of the best security solutions in the cybersecurity world and in 2020, it is even better. Generally speaking, Bullguard Premium Protection is the company’s top product which means you always get the best quality, including secure browser, home network scanner, identity protection, and cloud storage. Here are what we like in Bullguard Premium Protection and what we don’t. Pros 1. Lightweight, and fast to download. 2. Protection against viruses is efficient. 3. Works with various Windows versions. 4. The dashboard is user-friendly and well-organized. Cons 1. Malware protection is worse compared to competitors. 2. The antivirus can be slow. 3. The number of additional features is limited (for example, it doesn’t offer a VPN service). 4. Like other antivirus programs, Bullguard Premium Protection has its advantages and disadvantages. One weak spot is that you don’t get is a built-in VPN tool. However, Bullguard does have a VPN service, which integrates with Premium Protection, but you have to buy it separately. If you are a gamer, you will love Bullguard Premium Protection for its Game Booster. This tool blocks annoying popups and boosts CPU performance.

Bullguard Premium Protection: is it good in protection?

When it comes to viruses and malicious software, this antivirus does a really good job. However, there are several issues we need to pay attention too. While most modern security products use comprehensive complex approaches for detecting potential threats, Bullguard offers only a heuristic analysis and a signature matching in its work. It doesn’t mean that the level of protection is low, however, some other antiviruses can do better. Bullguard Premium Protection is still able to detect the majority of potential threats. The greatest concern is inconsistency. Both AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST demonstrate that this security solution deals with common threats incredibly well. However, when we are talking about zero-day threats, it works much worse. While Bullguard is not the most innovative antivirus with regard to security algorithms, it still shows great results. In URL blocking, Bullguard got a score of 89%.

Bullguard Premium Protection: interface and custom service

The interface is easy-to-navigate and quite informative, allowing you to monitor the current state of things at ease. If you want to examine your computer, the scan service is just a few clicks away. The antivirus offers several types of scans, depending on your needs. The installation is quick and simple, moreover, the package doesn’t take up much space on your PC. What about customer support? Overall, Bullguard provides great customer service. You can find round-the-clock support in more than ten languages. There are three options: e-mail, chat, and a ticket system via the website.

Bullguard Premium Protection: price

When it comes to money, we need to say that price is quite affordable. If you want to purchase Bullguard Premium Protection for a year, it will cost $99.99, and this package covers up to 10 devices. The solution also provides extra tools such as Identity Protection, Financial Protection, and a password manager. It also gives you 25GB of storage space,

What is our final verdict?

Bullguard is a good choice for antivirus protection. This product isn’t the most feature-packed security solution on the market and has some issues when it comes to malware detection, however it is still great. While we are waiting for any built-in VPN tool, its absence is not a stumbling rock.

Vipre Antivirus Advanced Security of 2020

Vipre Antivirus Advanced Security of 2020

Reliable Internet security. Many users thinking about this notion already have an idea of which software can secure it. However, the market is full of choices because every developer wants to stand out and deliver more. Let’s take a look at Vipre Advanced Security and discuss whether it can be trusted.

What does the developer have to offer?

According to the information from the official website, Vipre Advanced Security is award-winning software that protects users’ private information from threats. Here one may pick a free trial version or buy the one-year license. In case you need it for one device, the cost will vary from $39 to $55 depending on discounts, special offers, etc. A license for more devices is more expensive.

The peculiarities of the software

The company offers three security products. Advanced Security is the most popular option here. It has a high rating among users. Explore their reviews at trusted websites to learn more about their experience.Another peculiarity is that the developer is based in the US and focused on local users. Nevertheless, anyone can buy the program and get excellent customer support, user-friendly design, and decent protection.Advanced security implies defense against ransomware, viruses, rootkits, Trojans, exploits, spyware, and other threats. The bundle also includes a firewall that shields the computer from various online threats. It’s highly-customizable allowing advanced users to tune it up the way they prefer.The developer also mentions email security tools that prevent users from opening infected attachments.To speak about the quality of antivirus protection objectively, it’s better to turn to independent test labs. Explore the latest results at AV-Test or AV-Comparatives to decide whether you can feel safe when going online. Vipre Advanced Security generally offers good quality services managing to detect most threats, viruses, and malware.

Additional tools to help users

Vipre also released a selection of additional security tools one may buy to enhance protection levels. They are:Internet Shield VPN;Vipre Android Security;Vipre Privacy Shield.Keep in mind that if you opt for the Ultimate Security, you’ll get Vipre Advanced Security as well as Internet Shield VPN + Vipre Privacy Shield bundle. It’s sure to bring better protection adding privacy to online activities. Privacy Shield also secures webcam and microphone, lest your private data is stolen by third-party sources.

Drawbacks and things to pay attention to

Despite a generally positive image, the company has some uncertainties. The official website seems messy, outdated, and confusing. Another issue one can come across is the price tag. Some users deal with it, so make sure you understand every detail about the agreement before the purchase.Sometimes the program fails to spot a threat. However, every antivirus has such a drawback at times.   

The verdict

All in all, Vipre Advanced Security is an affordable solution, especially suitable for users with outdated devices. Great results from the independent test labs verify it’s reliable and trustworthy. In case you don’t feel certain about it, take advantage of the free trial version. Use the software for two weeks and test all features to drive to a conclusion.