Avast Password Manager vs LastPass

Considering the growing number of web resources with the ability to register and increase the risk of account hacking, the use of password managers is becoming increasingly important. Here is a comparative analysis of Avast vs LastPass managers.

The purpose of using Password Manager software

Password managers offer greater security and ease of use of passwords to access online services. Greater security is largely achieved through the ability of most password manager programs to generate unique, long, complex, easily changeable passwords for all accounts on the Internet and securely encrypt the storage of these passwords through local or cloud storage. It is more convenient to use a single master password to access the password store, rather than trying to remember different passwords for all accounts.

Password Manager helps you generate, store, and enter complex passwords from an encrypted database. Password managers can be implemented in the form of:

  • online services;
  • locally installed software;
  • hardware devices.

In most password managers, encryption key protection is a key condition for password security. If an attacker learns this key, he will easily break the entire password database, no matter how complex the encryption algorithm is used. That is, if there is a need to transfer encrypted data to another person, you must notify the master key. But it is not always possible to be sure of the security of the transmission channel. This functionality can be useful for transferring data to log on to corporate resources between employees of the company.

All password managers can be roughly divided into 2 large groups: offline programs and online services. A rarer group is applications that are installed on their server, then they work as online services, but with full control from the user.

Avast Password Manager vs LastPass

LastPass is a solution from the developers of a popular desktop browser extension that is used to store and sync passwords. The mobile application can store encrypted passwords and other data (in the paid version), synchronize stored data between different devices and browsers, and has versions for all major operating systems and browsers. Data protection is based on AES-256 encryption, all data is stored on the developer’s server, so the question of data integrity and availability remains open.

The paid version costs 3 dollars per month, but there is also a multifunctional free one.

The advantages of the program include:

  • The ability to customize family or corporate access to information.
  • Checking and searching for a secure password.
  • Automatic synchronization of all gadgets. That is, for example, if you changed your password on your computer, then it will automatically change on your smartphone.

The disadvantages include incomplete Russification of the utility and payment for additional functionality.

Avast Password Manager synchronizes the operation of devices running on Android, Windows, iOS, macOs platforms. It works on the basis of multiple authentications, to strengthen the security of the entrance to the software, unlocking with a fingerprint is used.

After installing the program for passwords or entering new code into the registry of the utility, it checks it for reliability and safety. If your account is hacked, the utility instantly and automatically changes the password for this resource. Also, the advantage of the program is in the automatic synchronization of data on all connected gadgets.

Avast Password generator performs the following functions:

  • Password generator.
  • Automatic filling of web forms.
  • Sets bookmarks on the resources you like.
  • Separation of passwords into categories.

The disadvantages include a too stripped-down free version of the program for remembering passwords.

m&a software

Data room provider for m&a processes

There is no doubt that without technologies it will be tricky to have a prolific working routine and be advanced in all business deals. In order not to waste time, you need to take your time and become familiar with data room provider m&a, VDR capabilities, security software, and consulting services. Are you ready to change your daily working routine?

To start with, data room provider m&a is a specific place where all business deals and transactions can be made without any difficulties, especially if to talk about selling or buying. However, in order to have this, data room provider m&a which called datenraum anbieter m&a in Germany needs to be well structured. In order to do this, all directors need to take several steps. Firstly, business owners need to have a vivid understatement how this tool will look like. Secondly, give access only to that employee that will be engaged in these processes. Thirdly, managers have to create various files where all necessary information will be stored. Finally, add relevant documents and invite employees for their working place. 

Besides, to be more professional and advanced users, all workers need to be aware of all vital VDR capabilities. Probably, the most essential is the ability to have collaborative work where all employees have meetings and can have valuable communication and discussions on all projects and aspect of work they are dealing with. Another appropriate VDR capability is a task management system. It helps to be organized and be responsible for a result on the particular program. Furthermore, it becomes possible to track how much time all workers spend on particular tasks and which difficulties they face.  

Secure software for protection on all working stages.

Another highly recommended future is security software. With the utilization of this type of software, all employees and customers will be sure that every process is under control. Security software automatically scans viruses, as the consequence, there will be no threatens. Besides, all teams will have the option from which device they want to work. All you need is to pass the verification process. Also, all team will have their unique passwords and specific codes that they need to use during their performance. Directors will get the opportunity to track who, when, and for how long use documents. 

In order to be advanced and to have unconventional ideas for all working moments, it exists specific consulting services. Besides, it focuses more on clients’ needs and desires, so the corporation will reach all customer’s needs. In addition, strategies for the whole working process will help to be flexible and how to get used to various situations. 

To conclude, everything is in business owners’ hands. If you want to have only highly technological improved working performance, you need to consider this information and make your choice. Have a sustainable performance.

Secure file management in Virtual Data Room for your business

Many aspects of the business change very quickly, so it is extremely important to use cloud-based applications like virtual data room that can quickly scale based on your needs.

Virtual technologies in business processes

In the era of the Internet, the number of cyberattacks has increased, so data protection has become one of the most important aspects of our work. Both private and public cloud solutions have built-in protections and meet high-security standards.

Today, when the market is more competitive than ever, scalable and mobile applications are of particular value, providing quick and easy access to information. Modern companies are increasingly thinking about and launching the digital transformation process during mergers and acquisitions. This raises the need for a single platform to consolidate and manage all data.

Virtual Data Room is necessary in case of due diligence and in all those occasions in which two or more companies and organizations must exchange data, information, and documents with each other in a confidential and secure manner. Data rooms, for example, play a fundamental role in the acquisition and sale of a company (or a business unit), in those of mergers between two entities, or in other types of agreements that require careful analysis. of all the data available to identify the possible risks and problems connected to them.

This, however, is only one of the many uses that a “data room” can have today. A company with offices around the world, for example, may decide to use a VDR to make confidential documents available to all employees in an absolutely secure manner.

Information repositories are filled in several stages:

1) extraction (extract) – import data into storage from information subsystems, production departments, and other sources, as well as data from different external sources, where they may have different names, attributes, units, and methods of coding;

2) transformation – consolidation, aggregation of data (ie, total or other indicators are calculated), dividing them into factions, adjustment and transformation into appropriate formats, “cleansing” of individual characteristics (ie reduction to a single form);

3) loading into storage in the form of “historical layers”, each of which belongs to a specific period of time

What are the benefits of a Virtual Data Room?

Data Room solutions have the following advantages:

  • The ability to significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs and respond flexibly to changing computing needs. The user of cloud services pays only for the actually consumed services (sometimes – also for the resources reserved for him).
  • High reliability of data storage: for modern cloud service providers, a mandatory requirement is at least three-fold duplication of all stored user data in different places. The likelihood of losing them is much lower than when stored on a home PC or on an office network.
  • Fast technical support and consulting from your cloud provider.
  • Fast and cheap deployment. It is one thing to build your own IT infrastructure of an enterprise, buy, install and configure equipment and software, hire or train specialists. It is quite another to simply connect to an already existing and configured infrastructure.
  • When using cloud computing, consumer costs are transformed from the capital to operating costs (this is how spending on paying for the services of cloud providers qualifies). It’s like having water in a tap: it’s easier to connect to a public water supply than to drill a well in the yard and install a pump yourself.
  • The use of cloud technologies allows almost any company to easily and quickly transfer employees, for example, from office work to remote work. Which has become a great advantage in the context of the coronavirus crisis.
data safety

Data rooms services: document exchange solutions for modern business

In the review we will discuss the leading data room services and their main peculiarities.

Standard functionalities of professional software

Digital solution for dealmaking in modern businesses is realised via virtual data rooms (VDRs). The special format for storing, viewing, and editing essential information is perfectly organized for effective mergers and acquisition processses. Buyers have a possibility to get connected to important information while sellers are ready to present any details in one click. Everything is clear and understandable if you choose the proper software based on the main functions of VDRs:

  • Restrictive and secure file sharing. Administrator of VDR gives permissions and special access to viewing and storing of certain files. 
  • Layer of security. Watermarks, double authentication, safe encryption are key benefits granting high protective concerns.
  • History of viewing. Administrator of the VDR can view who has been storing information, what has been changed in the documents, and much more details.
  • Live chats and discussion rooms. The software tool seems to be a helping hand in collaboration with team members, team building, monitoring user’s performance.
  • Speed upload. You can easily upload plenty of suggested documents to save your time and achieve results immediately.

Keep an eye on the basic characteristics for choosing the appropriate software for exchanging documents.

Getting acquainted with VDRs

If you make a decision to apply for the perfect digital rooms, you might think of the key benefits:

  • Worldwide accessibility. VDR reduces location limitations because you don’t have to move to another country to view corporational information for dealmaking.
  • Advantagous productivity. Administrative and communication tasks are purchased in the digital format with timesaving concerns. You achieve the best results in a short period.
  • Pricing affordability. VDRs contain manageable fees unlike the physical data rooms. The last ones are costly in preserving documents, printing, editing files.
  • Transparency and collaboration. Data leakage of sensitive information is unreal with advanced protection and privacy value of VDR.

Applying to the leading software

Generally, it is considered to be important to choose the right software that best fits to company’s needs. Providing a clear purpose for safe exchanging of sensitive documents makes modern businesses rather successfull regardless of the working field. Here are some options to suggest before selecting the appropriate application:

  1. Take into account the type and size of files that you want to upload to your digital data room. Your choice will depend on these issues whether the best selected software supports these concerns.
  2. Maintain different levels of security. The deferentiating system of safety of confidential information applies to more qualified items.
  3. Looking for customizable options with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces is of utmost importance. You might not have time for the complicated software requiring learning courses. 

Summing up, you cannot succed in corporate dealmaking without the professional document exchange that is provided by quality data room services. Try to monitor the qualified and transparent options to ensure safety and security of confidential information and get started. 

real estate business

Board of directors software

Nowadays, exists a tremendous range of new possibilities and technologies that can better the working process. Sometimes it is challenging to understand and find a suitable product that will be useful and will last for several years. That is why we have prepared extensive reviews on such topics as the board of directors software, computer data safeness, and cybersecurity. All points are crucial for any sort of business. Open a new world of modern technologies.

Board of directors software.

It is used to improve the work of not only employees but also company directors. Undoubtedly it is challenging to find one thing that will suit the whole team, but it is real. If you are searching for the most useful board software here, is the list of features that it should have. First of all, it is accessible for controlling and managing different projects. Secondly, secure communication between board members and tools that will allow collaborative work. Thirdly is security. As you can understand, the board of directors software is a useful and practical platform. Also, there will be a board room special place for meetings. Also, it will be possible to save all documents, information about current projects, and personal notes. Besides, meetings can be recorded not to forget crucial aspects there were discussed. All meetings, conferences will be scheduled in the board room so it will be a slight possibility to forget about it. So, the benefits are vast, as it aids to be informed, engaged, and better organize the working process.

In general, cyber security is the protection of personal information, documents, and other vital information.

It can be used individually and in companies. Strong cyber security will give perfect assurance against a variety of attacks that can destroy an organization’s systems and sensitive data. It also helps to prevent attacks that aim to disrupt a system’s operations. Nowadays, there is a lot of examples of these attacks and how companies can deal with them. The best variant is to have reliable cyber security. With the increased numbers of programs, information, devices that are used in modern companies need more advanced cyber protection. Here are some benefits of using it. The most crucial is the protection against cyberattacks safeguard for data and users, and improved confidence in companies reputation. As you can see, computer data safeness is crucial as it protects access from unauthorized users through all applications and devices.

To conclude, with the usage of modern technologies business, will increase. Nowadays, we are living in a digital society where it is vital to have all modern techniques in the work. Board of directors software will direct, and help to set new goals and to achieve them, tries to develop the companies potential. All you need is to choose the most convenient method. Remember everything is in your hands – time to proceed.


Uninstall Avast on Windows and Mac

Uninstall Avast on Windows and Mac

In this article you will learn how to completely remove Avast Antivirus from your Windows and Mac system. Detailed instructions are described below.

How to remove Avast Antivirus completely

To fully protect your operating system, antivirus is a must. However, there are times when you want to change your protection to another or reinstall an existing system, and the uninstallation process itself can bring a lot of unnecessary worry. Some anti-virus programs are known to be integrated and leave some remnants behind.

Below we will look at how to uninstall avast mac and windows since Avast is just the kind of antivirus that is difficult to remove. But luckily, Avast has made this process as easy as possible and has provided us with effective tools.

Uninstalling Avast on Windows

To remove Avast from your Windows, you can try several ways. The first is through programs and components:

  • Go to the Control Panel and hold down the Windows key and press the R key to open the “Run” window
  • In the line enter the word “control” and confirm the action
  • Then switch the control panel view to small icons
  • Open Programs and Features or Add or Remove Programs, depending on which version of Windows you have installed
  • In the list of installed programs find Avast Free Antivirus and uninstall it
  • After that go to Avast configuration and uninstall it as well
  • Restart your computer after uninstalling Avast Free Antivirus

Removal with the Avastclear removal utility

To do this, go to the official Avast website and download the file avastclear.exe. After downloading, run the program, during the loading, you may see a window selecting the operating system.

 Select Avast Clear Unistall. After that, you can freely run the Avast uninstaller and when the program scans your computer and finds Avast folders, just delete them.

How to uninstall Avast on Mac OS

Before you start deleting, don’t forget to exit the application, otherwise the system may inform you about an error or incomplete deletion will take place. After that, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Finder and move to the Applications folder from the left side pane.
  • Choose the Avast Mac Security icon and drop it to the trash with your mouse.
  • When prompted, type your account password to make this modification

The drag-to-delete method is a working scheme for almost all Mac versions. You can also send an application to the trash in another way:

  • Right-click on the program and select “Move to Trash”
  • Find the App and go to “File” and then hit “Move to Trash”

Uninstalling with an installation file

Another removal option is as follows: storing the Avast software package in you can run the built-in uninstaller to remove it:

  • Run the Avast Mac Security installation file (.dmg) in the Finder
  • Open the Avast Uninstall application, press Open in the pop-up message dialog and uninstall the application
  • When requested, input your account password to make this modification

Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020

Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020

Looking for a good antivirus to protect your devices and don’t know what to choose? There are so many security products on the market that making a final decision can be incredibly difficult. We are here to help. Today, we want to introduce something very special in this antivirus game — Bullguard Premium Protection. In this Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2020, we are going to find out how this antivirus works, and describe its strengths and weaknesses in detail. Is Bullguard Premium Protection good for your computer? Is it worth spending your money?

Bullguard Premium Protection: key features

Bullguard Premium Protection is a well-known security product, and we have been impressed by its features over the years. This antivirus has built its reputation as one of the best security solutions in the cybersecurity world and in 2020, it is even better. Generally speaking, Bullguard Premium Protection is the company’s top product which means you always get the best quality, including secure browser, home network scanner, identity protection, and cloud storage. Here are what we like in Bullguard Premium Protection and what we don’t. Pros 1. Lightweight, and fast to download. 2. Protection against viruses is efficient. 3. Works with various Windows versions. 4. The dashboard is user-friendly and well-organized. Cons 1. Malware protection is worse compared to competitors. 2. The antivirus can be slow. 3. The number of additional features is limited (for example, it doesn’t offer a VPN service). 4. Like other antivirus programs, Bullguard Premium Protection has its advantages and disadvantages. One weak spot is that you don’t get is a built-in VPN tool. However, Bullguard does have a VPN service, which integrates with Premium Protection, but you have to buy it separately. If you are a gamer, you will love Bullguard Premium Protection for its Game Booster. This tool blocks annoying popups and boosts CPU performance.

Bullguard Premium Protection: is it good in protection?

When it comes to viruses and malicious software, this antivirus does a really good job. However, there are several issues we need to pay attention too. While most modern security products use comprehensive complex approaches for detecting potential threats, Bullguard offers only a heuristic analysis and a signature matching in its work. It doesn’t mean that the level of protection is low, however, some other antiviruses can do better. Bullguard Premium Protection is still able to detect the majority of potential threats. The greatest concern is inconsistency. Both AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST demonstrate that this security solution deals with common threats incredibly well. However, when we are talking about zero-day threats, it works much worse. While Bullguard is not the most innovative antivirus with regard to security algorithms, it still shows great results. In URL blocking, Bullguard got a score of 89%.

Bullguard Premium Protection: interface and custom service

The interface is easy-to-navigate and quite informative, allowing you to monitor the current state of things at ease. If you want to examine your computer, the scan service is just a few clicks away. The antivirus offers several types of scans, depending on your needs. The installation is quick and simple, moreover, the package doesn’t take up much space on your PC. What about customer support? Overall, Bullguard provides great customer service. You can find round-the-clock support in more than ten languages. There are three options: e-mail, chat, and a ticket system via the website.

Bullguard Premium Protection: price

When it comes to money, we need to say that price is quite affordable. If you want to purchase Bullguard Premium Protection for a year, it will cost $99.99, and this package covers up to 10 devices. The solution also provides extra tools such as Identity Protection, Financial Protection, and a password manager. It also gives you 25GB of storage space,

What is our final verdict?

Bullguard is a good choice for antivirus protection. This product isn’t the most feature-packed security solution on the market and has some issues when it comes to malware detection, however it is still great. While we are waiting for any built-in VPN tool, its absence is not a stumbling rock.

Vipre Antivirus Advanced Security of 2020

Vipre Antivirus Advanced Security of 2020

Reliable Internet security. Many users thinking about this notion already have an idea of which software can secure it. However, the market is full of choices because every developer wants to stand out and deliver more. Let’s take a look at Vipre Advanced Security and discuss whether it can be trusted.

What does the developer have to offer?

According to the information from the official website, Vipre Advanced Security is award-winning software that protects users’ private information from threats. Here one may pick a free trial version or buy the one-year license. In case you need it for one device, the cost will vary from $39 to $55 depending on discounts, special offers, etc. A license for more devices is more expensive.

The peculiarities of the software

The company offers three security products. Advanced Security is the most popular option here. It has a high rating among users. Explore their reviews at trusted websites to learn more about their experience.Another peculiarity is that the developer is based in the US and focused on local users. Nevertheless, anyone can buy the program and get excellent customer support, user-friendly design, and decent protection.Advanced security implies defense against ransomware, viruses, rootkits, Trojans, exploits, spyware, and other threats. The bundle also includes a firewall that shields the computer from various online threats. It’s highly-customizable allowing advanced users to tune it up the way they prefer.The developer also mentions email security tools that prevent users from opening infected attachments.To speak about the quality of antivirus protection objectively, it’s better to turn to independent test labs. Explore the latest results at AV-Test or AV-Comparatives to decide whether you can feel safe when going online. Vipre Advanced Security generally offers good quality services managing to detect most threats, viruses, and malware.

Additional tools to help users

Vipre also released a selection of additional security tools one may buy to enhance protection levels. They are:Internet Shield VPN;Vipre Android Security;Vipre Privacy Shield.Keep in mind that if you opt for the Ultimate Security, you’ll get Vipre Advanced Security as well as Internet Shield VPN + Vipre Privacy Shield bundle. It’s sure to bring better protection adding privacy to online activities. Privacy Shield also secures webcam and microphone, lest your private data is stolen by third-party sources.

Drawbacks and things to pay attention to

Despite a generally positive image, the company has some uncertainties. The official website seems messy, outdated, and confusing. Another issue one can come across is the price tag. Some users deal with it, so make sure you understand every detail about the agreement before the purchase.Sometimes the program fails to spot a threat. However, every antivirus has such a drawback at times.   

The verdict

All in all, Vipre Advanced Security is an affordable solution, especially suitable for users with outdated devices. Great results from the independent test labs verify it’s reliable and trustworthy. In case you don’t feel certain about it, take advantage of the free trial version. Use the software for two weeks and test all features to drive to a conclusion.

AVG Antivirus Rating for Mac in 2020

Now, Avast owns AVG. The company has recently acquired it but decided to preserve this software as a separate product. This decision turned out to be a good one. With reliable Avast engines and some interface improvements, AVG has become a reasonably-priced solution with good protection. Today, we’ll find out more about the AVG antivirus rating this year as well as some reasons to give it a try.

The advantages to look for

  1. The simplicity of this antivirus makes AVG a perfect solution for inexperienced and average users. It is the choice for people who don’t like complicated bulky options.
  2. An affordable pricing policy that starts from $0 can also be a great advantage to some users. Aside from the free editions, there are premium versions. The latter may cover multiple devices in the house with one license.
  3. AVG has a powerful yet convenient interface. It’s user-friendly and allows navigating all the modules and features with ease. The five main modules are Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments. The scan feature is located on the main screen, so no one will miss it.
  4. Aside from being user-friendly, the antivirus is lightweight. The installation file is 8 MB and takes one minute to unpack. What’s more, the installation process is completely adjustable. A user has an opportunity to change some configuration right away.
  5. A selection of features makes AVG very appealing, too. There are several editions to pick from. However, even the free version generously delivers a set of tools like email safety, ransomware protection, download monitoring, malware protection, etc. The developer offers a safe browser to all users. It is a simple tool that reminds of Google Chrome but with antivirus tools. They include a password manager, AdBlocker, privacy cleaner, etc. Premium solutions include even more in the bundle. They bring webcam protection, a personal firewall, file encryption tool, etc.
  6. A single subscription covers an unlimited number of devices. It is a family-friendly solution that can also protect your kids’ iPads, Mac laptops, and other gadgets.
  7. Customer support deserves a separate paragraph. A 24/7 accessible team of specialists will quickly answer all the related questions and help resolve any issues with the software, billing, etc. A user may reach help via a live chat or phone. Aside from that, there is a knowledgebase. It is full of articles that are sure to be helpful, too. Premium support, on the other hand, is quite expensive. A user has to pay $200 annually to get a dedicated phone number and reach an expert without waiting for one’s turn.

AVG Antivirus rating

While the software is widespread and relatively popular, its rating doesn’t bring this solution to the top. According to the results of the independent testing labs, AVG fails to block about 2% of the threats. On the bright side, detecting and stopping 98% of threats is a good score. As soon as developers figure out how to improve the results, the rating is sure to go up.

The verdict

All in all, the choice of antivirus is an important decision. It takes time to compare offers and features. The default settings ensure good protection. However, more advanced users may alter the settings according to their preferences. Even a beginner will quickly learn how to use the program and access the required features.

VoIP Providers for Your Business

VoIP can be a valuable tool when it comes to the business expansion especially on the international market. People require a stable connection and an opportunity to get in contact whenever it is necessary to clear out some deal details or just to get a more precise product description. For that reason, VoIP has grounded its positions and won’t be leaving any time soon. We used analogue phones decades ago, and today it is time for modern solutions.


1voip review

It is a great service with headquarters in Oklahoma City, USA. The company offers affordable pricing both for residential users and businesses. It provides a basic set of features, but unfortunately, it lacks some advanced options available in many competitive solutions. For example, you are not able to use SMS and video conferencing. So, if you need more features, you will have to look at something else.

The company is confident in its network. They guarantee 99.999% uptime, and the voice calls in HD quality. They also provide hosted VoIP and SIP trunking to SMBs services.

Customer service is available 24/7 on the phone, via email, as well as online chat. The staff is helpful and provides informative answers.

The pricing is flexible and does not require any contracts. For residential users, the price starts from $8.97 per month. For business users, plans start from $14.97 per extension, which means that for a 10 line system, you will be charged $149.70 per month. The toll-free numbers will cost you $5.95 per month. There are no special offers for new customers and services.

Also, you are able to use 1-voip services on your equipment, including special VoIP phones and mobile apps. There are no additional fees for that. The tech support is ready to help you to configure it.


nextiva review VOIP

Another American company with headquarters located in Scottsdale, AZ. Since its foundation in 2006, the company became one of the most popular business VoIP providers in the market. It provides a full set of features including calling, Internet faxing, voicemail, local phone number, toll-free number, advanced call management, call logs, mobile, and desktop app, instant messaging, conference calls, call recording, and voice analytics. Keep in mind that some features are not available in all the plans.

Customer service is available via email, online chat, and on the phone. The staff is helpful and fast.

The prices start from $20 per month per user. So, if you need a system of 10 lines, you will be charged $200. The contract is not required in all the plans.

There are no special offers for new customers and particular services. If you need a toll free number, it is included in all the plans for free. You just need to contact the tech support for additional settings. The company lets using your equipment with no additional fee. It must support the SIP protocol to work correctly.


voip vonage review

Another great VoIP service with the headquarters in Holmdel, NJ. You are able to use it on every device, both personally and for business purposes. While providing residential services, their target audience is the business of various sizes. From its foundation in 2000, it became one of the most powerful providers.

The service provides a full set of necessary features. It offers impressive administrative functions and calling functionality. It includes call announce, caller ID, call hold, call recording, local or geographic number, toll-free numbers, call blocking, conferencing, desktop and mobile app, text messaging, voicemail, file sharing, etc.

The customer support is available on the phone, via live chat, email, knowledge base on the website, as well as an online training center, and a base of recorded webinars. Additionally, you can ask the community to help with any issues. Keep in mind that phone support and online chat are not available 24/7.

The new customer promo is available for resident users — they get a discount for the first six months. For business customers, the more phone lines they need, the cheaper each one will be. For example, the most popular plan for a 10 line system will cost $17.99 to $27.99 per line. Toll-free numbers will cost you $39.99 per month. Additionally, you are able to buy and particular VoIP phone, as well as use your existing one.


ring central review

Being founded in 1999 and launched in 2003, Ringcentral is one of the first cloud-based VoIP providers. The service provides a lot of advanced features, as well as all the basic ones needed by any company and residential user.

The platform offers everything from artificial intelligence integration to options like faxing, video conferencing, and custom application integration. Though, you can expect to get

video and audio meetings with screen sharing, toll-free minutes included in every plan, text messages, call management and phone administration, mobile apps, HD voice, voicemail, team collaboration, integrations with Google, Microsoft, Box, Okta, Salesforce.com, Zendesk and Desk.com, multichannel customer support, call recording, voicemail-to-text transcription, etc.

Customer support is available on the phone with a local number in several countries (available hours depend on the plan), 24/7 live text chat, ticket form, knowledge base, webinars, community, and developer center.

The most popular plan, Office Premium, costs $34.99 monthly per user. It offers from 2 to 99 lines. So, for 10 lines you will pay $344.90 per month. The additional toll-free number will cost you $4.99 per month.


8x8 voip review

8×8 provider offers high-quality both voice and video calls and communication solutions for small and medium businesses, as well as for huge corporations. Any company can benefit from their services. They provide flexible pricing, a lot of advanced features, mobile apps, and straightforward configuration and setup.

The platform has a huge experience of over 25 years in the industry. it was considered one of the best and fastest-growing companies in North America. More and more companies prefer using their services.

The users can get a lot of basic and advanced features like phone numbers in different countries, virtual extensions, internet fax, desktop, and mobile apps, text messages, voicemail, HD voice, conferencing, integration with third-party services, call recording, and many more.

The customer service is available via email and on the phone. It works 24/7.

The most popular plan is X Series X2, which costs $25 per month per user. So a sister with tan lines will cost you $250 per month. Additionally, you are able to get pre-configured equipment. At the same time, they allow using current devices — it is a useful feature if you are switching from another provider.

Toll-free numbers are available not only in the USA but in many countries. One-time activation is $9.99. The monthly pricing depends on the included number of minutes and starts from $4.99 per month.


The company was founded in 2006 and became one of the market leaders with transparent flexible pricing, great technical support, monthly contracts without any hidden fees, and a full set of basic and advanced calling features. Additionally, the company established a partnership with huge where’s like Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco, Verizon Business, Panasonic, and many others.

This provider is the best choice for government agencies, insurance companies, car manufacturers, medical centers, etc. The users will get 99.99% uptime, conference bridge of up to 10 participants, the filter of unwanted calls, call forwarding, full analytics, call monitoring, automatic call queues, call recording, caller ID, a complete set of call center features, emergency calls, internet fax, a voicemail, and many others.

The customer service is available 24/7. You can contact the tech guys by email or on the phone. They are very helpful and will solve any of your technical issues.

The monthly pricing depends on the number of lines. For example, if you need a 10 line system, you will require Tier 3 plan, which costs $23.95 per user monthly. So for 10 lines, you will pay $239.50. Some additional options like toll-free numbers, will cost you 1.9 cents per minute — they are not included in the plan.

You also are able to get old necessary equipment from Jive. At the same time, they brought a coat that is supported by many devices — you are allowed to use your current one.


dialpad_voip review

The company shows how the future of business communications should like. But they do not concentrate on the hardware. Instead, they work hard on developing the software product that will work on every device, and integration with multiple third-party services.

As a result, you are able to use high-quality voice and video calls, text and media messaging, conferences, as well as screen sharing. It is a completely cloud-based platform — to start working, all you need is a laptop or a smartphone. The integration is very easy and is available in a few clicks.

Having bought a subscription, besides basic features, the user will get local and toll-free numbers, call controls and forwarding, video calls in HD quality, voicemail, customizable hold music, real-time transcription, advanced analytics, recording, support of any connected device. Additionally, the service integrates with G Suite, Office 365, LinkedIn, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Okta, and OneLogin.

The customer service is available via the help center, email, chat, and on the phone. Phone support is not available in the cheapest plan.

The most popular plan is the Pro. It costs $30/mo per user. So if you need a 10 line system, it will cost you $300 per month. As no hardware is required, this solution can be much cheaper than many competitors.

PanTerra Networks

panterra voip review

Another reliable VoIP service provider with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. It is one of the leading cloud-based platforms for companies of any size. You are able to use it on any device — buying special hardware is not required.

The users get access to the entire infrastructure and are able to use such features as team messaging, web, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, voice mail, softphone, mobile and desktop clients, HD video conferences, encryption, call recording, plugins for third-party services and apps, 99.999% uptime, digital fax, contact and group management, as well as integration with Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Skype for Business, and Salesforce.

The customer support is available 24/7/365 via instant messaging, phone, email, online knowledge base, help documentation, guides, and remote desktop sharing. The staff is helpful and provides informative answers.

The most popular plan is Business Plus. Its price is $24.95 per month. So for a system with 10 lines, you will be charged $249.50 per month. Toll-free numbers are included in the current plans. You also can buy specialized hardware, but you are allowed to use the current one.


voiply voip review

The platform started working in 2012 and since that time, the service became one of the market leaders. Its headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, PA. It provides transparent and affordable pricing for small and middle-sized businesses.

The users get the full set of basic phone features like unlimited calling, HD voice, hold music, voicemail, 99.99% uptime, faxing, texting, free VoIP desk phones for every employee, mobile and desktop apps, spam filter, and many others. Despite offering free hardware, you can use your own equipment.

The customer service is available 24/7 and is a multi-channel. You will be able to contact them on the phone, via chat or by email. They are very helpful and ready to help with any issue.

The most popular plan is Business Pro, which costs $11.16 per month. Thus, a 10 line phone system will cost you $111.60 per month — it’s much cheaper than most competitors. Toll-free numbers are included in the available plans.


onsip voip review

One of the most flexible providers of voip sulutions in the market. There are two colocation centers — in Manhattan and Los Angeles. The platform uses the latest standards which guarantee the best calling quality. They also offer a simple API that allows developers to use the service in any applications.

With this subscription, the user will get the full set of features like auto-attendant, group calls, emergency calls, automatic queues, inbound bridge, voicemail, business hours rules, calls in HD quality, music on hold, desktop, web, and mobile apps, compatibility with any SIP-enabled device, integration with Highrise, Odoo, Slack, Chrome, and Zendesk.

There are 3 modes you can work with Onsip: only desk phones, softphones, and a mixed system. The provider encourages using softphones via the apps.

The customer support is available on the phone, via email, and ticket system. Additionally, you can access the live webinars and read tutorials and FAQs.

The most popular plan is Unlimited, which costs $18.95 monthly per person and includes desk phones or headsets for new 5+ user accounts. So a 10 line system will cost you $189.50. Toll-free numbers are included in the unlimited plans and above.


claritytel review

The company was founded in 2003, and since that time it grew up and became one of the leading providers. The headquarters are located in Lawrenceville, GA. It is one of the most attractive solutions for small business owners with flexible pricing and high-quality services. The users will get Hey cloud-based platform, unlimited calls, and great customer service.

The subscribers will get all the necessary features, including local number porting, voicemail, informative dashboard, desktop and mobile client, night mode, call blocking, caller ID, conference calls, call waiting and recording, music on hold, emergency calls, and call logs.

Customer support is available on the phone and by email. Besides, every customer having access to a huge knowledge database where he can find the solution himself.

The monthly pricing depends on the number of lines. The more lines you get, the lower the price is. Thus, for a system with 10 lines, you will have to pay $21.99 a month per each user — that is $219.90 per ten lines. Some additional features will cost you extra. Toll-free numbers are included in existing plans. You can get the required hardware as well as use your existing one.


mightycall review

The company is one of the oldest platforms in the market. Since it was created in 1999 in Seattle, WA, the company became one of the market leaders. They provide services across the country and focus on small business companies. They have a flexible pricing policy without long-term contracts and hidden fees, and even one person entrepreneur is welcome. Today more than 50,000 users are their clients.

The subscribers will get a lot of basic and advanced features such as extensions, toll-free, local and vanity numbers, call forwarding, call queues, blacklist, conference calls, email requests, full analytics, call recording, mobile apps, texting, voicemail, etc. Keep in mind that some features are not available in all plans.

The customer service is available on the phone and via email. The guys are ready to help you with any issue.

The most popular plan is Standard, which is $39.99/mo per line and 7-days free trial. So the system of 10 lines will cost $399.90 per month. Quite expensive. Each plan includes several toll-free numbers — you do not have to pay for them extra. You can buy the necessary equipment as well as use your existing one.