2021 Black Friday Deals on 3 Best Virtual Data Room Software

Are you still hesitant about using the Data Room? Is it possible that your investment does not allow you to do this? There is good news. Here are the best Black Friday Deals on 3 the Best virtual data room

Why do we usw Virtual Data Rooms?

Today, the digital transformation of business has become the main trend in information technology. Virtual Data Rooms are based on the principle of creating a single repository of data containing all corporate business information: planning and financial information, production data, personnel data, etc. The presence of a single corporate repository eliminates the need to transfer data from one system to another, and also ensures the simultaneous availability of information for any number of employees of the enterprise with the appropriate authority. The purpose of the Virtual Data Room is not only to improve the management of production activities of the enterprise but also to reduce costs and efforts to support its internal information flows.

Such a system helps to avoid repetitions and loss of important data, significantly reduces the number of errors and makes it very convenient to monitor the business, allows you to download statistics, clearly see what is causing the decrease in efficiency, etc.

The best Black Friday Deals on Virtual Data Room

Data Room solutions are now more flexible and affordable. The trend is that companies’ spending on cloud services is growing steadily and around the world. According to Gartner, this market will reach nearly $ 400 billion in 2022. Growth is about 23% annually. So, as we can see Virtual Data Rooms are in demand.

The so-called Black Friday week has been running since today and, like many others, you are perhaps a bit on the hunt for bargains when it comes to new software. And every year there are really so many offers that you don’t even know where to start or what’s even worthwhile. To make your choice a little easier for you, we have selected the 3 best Black Friday offers from Data Room software providers. They are as follows:

  • iDeals is a universal multifunctional cloud-based software that can be used both in the browser and as a desktop client or mobile app and is primarily concerned with security; an important factor when it comes to personal or professional data in the cloud. It also includes options for sharing files and documents and for editing them online using the Office functions.There are also useful features such as an online office, which are particularly interesting for business customers.
  • Intralinks is one of the best-known solutions suitable for any business sphere including audit, real-estate, M&A deals, etc. The number of users exceeded 300 million, and Intralinks itself is considered the main competitor of iDeals. The service is convenient because it offers tools for sharing – for example, for colleagues in the office or family members. With selective synchronization, you can use the hard disk space available up to now with maximum benefit. Clients can select multiple folders to track changes – for example, those that save important data.
  • SecureDocs intelligent platform allows you to create and automate business processes of any complexity. A ready-made library of processes, built in accordance with the best world practices, provides an opportunity for fast and efficient integration into the business. File hosting contains data from other services, which is very convenient: you can work with different types of content and store them in one place.