Avast Premier Review

Avast is a computer anti-virus software brand, formerly known as Alwin Software. The name Avast is an abbreviation for “Anti-Virus Advanced Set” (now you know).

History of antivirus

The first type of antivirus was written in 1995 which was well received by its users and in 2001, a free version if the software was launched mainly for home users. That action further enlarged the user base as the users of Avast grew up to 20 million within the next five years. Further branding was made in the year 2010 as the brand experienced a change of name so as to be properly identified with the software brand and as at 2013, the software brand has over 170 million people using it.

Avast brand is not just for a brand of operating systems in that it is compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and iOS. This means that you can install the application on your personal computers, smartphone and other mobile devices, servers and workstation inclusive.

Just like many other antiviruses, the Avast offers their software program free of charge but in order to use the more advanced features, you might have to make some payments.

Avast premier

The Avast premier is a type of antivirus suite that has a relatively high protection rate. It is user-friendly in that it is easy to understand, the antivirus suite is well arranged, and it has quite a number of extra features that are good. This antivirus suite is comprehensive security software that helps to prevent our internet-enabled appliances such as computers from infections from viruses and other dangerous bugs which may cause a breach of privacy.

Also, it helps to protect both the user and his or her data against fake and dangerous websites, hackers, and even spammers. ¬†Although the Avast premier is user-friendly and protects the PC, the fact that you have to pay additional monies so as to be able to access the extra features that came with it is just ridiculous (at least, that’s how some people feel).

The Avast Premier is available for 69.99 US dollars which is considered a bit on the high side for the protection of one PC. When you check the purchase page, some features are free in other types of antivirus but in this type, they are bolt-on additions.

If you are one person that likes to get all the features that come with antivirus, the Avast Premier might be expensive for you. For instance, the integrated password manager for Firefox is free but for the Avast Premier software, the password manager costs additional 24.99 US dollars.

Moving onto the Pros and Cons of this software, the pros include:

  • Automatic Software Updater: This helps to keep your applications and other programs updates which would in turn help improve the performance of such apps. Also, you would not be prone to attacks from hackers since there are no out of date version of applications on your device.
  • Avast Webcam Shield: This feature helps to protect your Webcam from being hijacked by hackers. With the Webcam Shield, for anyone to have access into your webcam, they will have to get your permission before they can do so. Also, there is the option of disabling your camera and enabling it whenever you like.

Sounds good right?

Avast Data Shredder: This is perfect for times when you want to sell your PC off, or you want to give it to someone for the time being. The data shredder ensures that your stuff is “deleted” when you want it to be, and you can easily retrieve those “deleted” files.

The Avast Premier does all of this with the help of its smart cloud-based detection. I bet you have never seen any protection this good for your PCs and mobile devices.

The only con to this product is the fact that it is a bit too much on the high side (it is expensive). And like I mentioned earlier, you might have to make additional payments to be able to use some other features.