AVG Antivirus Rating for Mac in 2020

Now, Avast owns AVG. The company has recently acquired it but decided to preserve this software as a separate product. This decision turned out to be a good one. With reliable Avast engines and some interface improvements, AVG has become a reasonably-priced solution with good protection. Today, we’ll find out more about the AVG antivirus rating this year as well as some reasons to give it a try.

The advantages to look for

  1. The simplicity of this antivirus makes AVG a perfect solution for inexperienced and average users. It is the choice for people who don’t like complicated bulky options.
  2. An affordable pricing policy that starts from $0 can also be a great advantage to some users. Aside from the free editions, there are premium versions. The latter may cover multiple devices in the house with one license.
  3. AVG has a powerful yet convenient interface. It’s user-friendly and allows navigating all the modules and features with ease. The five main modules are Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments. The scan feature is located on the main screen, so no one will miss it.
  4. Aside from being user-friendly, the antivirus is lightweight. The installation file is 8 MB and takes one minute to unpack. What’s more, the installation process is completely adjustable. A user has an opportunity to change some configuration right away.
  5. A selection of features makes AVG very appealing, too. There are several editions to pick from. However, even the free version generously delivers a set of tools like email safety, ransomware protection, download monitoring, malware protection, etc. The developer offers a safe browser to all users. It is a simple tool that reminds of Google Chrome but with antivirus tools. They include a password manager, AdBlocker, privacy cleaner, etc. Premium solutions include even more in the bundle. They bring webcam protection, a personal firewall, file encryption tool, etc.
  6. A single subscription covers an unlimited number of devices. It is a family-friendly solution that can also protect your kids’ iPads, Mac laptops, and other gadgets.
  7. Customer support deserves a separate paragraph. A 24/7 accessible team of specialists will quickly answer all the related questions and help resolve any issues with the software, billing, etc. A user may reach help via a live chat or phone. Aside from that, there is a knowledgebase. It is full of articles that are sure to be helpful, too. Premium support, on the other hand, is quite expensive. A user has to pay $200 annually to get a dedicated phone number and reach an expert without waiting for one’s turn.

AVG Antivirus rating

While the software is widespread and relatively popular, its rating doesn’t bring this solution to the top. According to the results of the independent testing labs, AVG fails to block about 2% of the threats. On the bright side, detecting and stopping 98% of threats is a good score. As soon as developers figure out how to improve the results, the rating is sure to go up.

The verdict

All in all, the choice of antivirus is an important decision. It takes time to compare offers and features. The default settings ensure good protection. However, more advanced users may alter the settings according to their preferences. Even a beginner will quickly learn how to use the program and access the required features.