Total AV Review

In spite of the fact that the company is not so known brand as some competitors, such as McAfee or Kaspersky, Total AV review gives essential opportunities of an antivirus with fantastic functions. I was impressed, how well TotalAV works and how carefully it checks all files. Some users had complaints to tariffing of the company, but I found out that with my subscription everything was good. In general, TotalAV is a great choice if you look for the antivirus oriented one safety more, but not to protection on the Internet.


When it concerns an antivirus, for me the most important – how well the product can protect from malicious software, programs extortioners, spyware and other attacks on my computer, and TotalAV approaches for this purpose. The company is very young (less than two years) therefore it has no such reputation as at competitors, but its protection will adequately stand any rival. My first test consisted that TotalAV had to scan my computer and find the folder into which I loaded malicious software. I very much was delighted when I saw that it deleted more than two thirds of harmful files, and what should learn other antiviruses, notified me on the performed operation only once.

Maximum Virus Detection

I was also impressed by that, TotalAV how well works at virus detection which already got into my computer. In the test the antivirus found each separate infected file and could place it in a quarantine or delete though some time for this purpose was required. By means of the tools of safety it scans malicious software at visit of websites, checking them for existence of suspicious links. However, if you really need protection on the Internet, you can use the Web Shield expansion (which available, both for Chrome, and for Firefox). When I opened the browser with the included Web Shield, and visited several sites which as I know, pose threat, the program stopped nearly 90% of malicious software that I found.

Convenient Manual

Anti-fishing protection is one more useful function of the company for those who worry about confidentiality. Perhaps, it not such extensive as at McAfee or Bitdefender, but nevertheless, TotalAV was succeeded to protect my personal data and saved me from the dangerous websites. It is good as the phishing websites not always look dangerous at first sight. One of the greatest advantages of loading of Antivirus Pro or Ultimate Antivirus TotalAV is that you receive convenient benefit about antiviruses. This digital manual includes many resources how it is better to protect itself how to find malicious software and what to do when you find it.

Complex protection

At last, I was glad to see that TotalAV has the firewall for protection against any entering attacks. You can also manage remotely settings of the firewall for the devices to remain in safety even if you not on the PC. If your device loads the dangerous file or malicious software, then your firewall will always notify you before it becomes a problem.