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Avast antivirus is well known as one of the best antivirus protection software out there. Several tests, both sponsored and independent have been carried out to determine the quality and effectiveness of protection that Avast antivirus offers. The results have unanimously gotten Avast awards as best antivirus of the year on many occasions. The level of trust people has in the antivirus is evident in the fact that they now have more than 400 million active users all over the world. Avast offers free antivirus protection to their users with the option of getting more premium utilities when they upgrade.

Avast behavior shield is one of the extra features of Avast antivirus. It adds an extra layer of security for your computer system by keeping tabs on all running processes whenever your order is in use. By doing this, it can discover any erratic behavior caused by spyware, malware or computer viruses. It can successfully identify malicious files on your PC based on previously identified threats and block them before they can expose your PC to viruses and other vulnerabilities.

The real-time protection it offers is always active by default which is good for your computer; you can also adjust the settings to fit your preferences if you know your way around the advanced anti-malware configurations. However, it is highly recommended that you keep it enabled always.

If you would like to edit the behavior shield configuration to fit your preferences, you’ll need to use the tabs located on the left side of your computer screen. There you will see the following tabs where you can edit the settings to suit your needs:

Main Settings:

On the main settings screen, you can choose what the computer does when a ‘threat is detected’. You can set the action to any of the following instructions:

Always Ask: Choosing this option will instruct Avast to notify you whenever a threat is identified, you can then decide what you want to do with the threat. You can choose to ignore the threat, move the threat to the Virus Chest, or delete the threat immediately.

Automatically move detected threats to Chest: This option automatically moves all identified threats to the Virus Chest.

Automatically move known threats to Chest: This option only removes threats that are listed in Avast’s virus definitions database and have been verified to be harmful. This is the option enabled by default.


You can specify which folders should be excluded from Behavior shield’s scans in the Exclusions tab. To add a folder to the exclusions, you can type its location in the space provided, or you can ‘Browse’ through your file explorer and select the folder you want, then click ‘OK.’ Use ‘Add’ to add more folders to the exclusions list. To remove a folder from exclusions list, select the folder you want and click ‘Delete.’

It should be noted that any folder you exclude from Behavior shield’s scans can still show up in other Avast antivirus scans. To eliminate any folder or file from all scans in Avast, you should go through Settings – General – Exclusions and add the folders you want.

With Avast Behavior Shield, your PC is better protected and safer to use. Make sure it is always enabled to enjoy all the extra protection it provides.